Fernando Hartwig

fph-picture-2Fernando Pires Hartwig is a PhD student in Epidemiology at Federal University of Pelotas (Southern Brazil). In addition to Mendelian randomization, his research interests involve Gene×Environment interaction, especially in the context of reducing phenotypic differences due to genetics through environmental exposures that can be implemented at the population level, as well as genome-wide association studies.

Mostly in collaboration with University of Bristol, Fernando’s work on Mendelian randomization involve assessing causality in the association of homocysteine levels with blood pressure; of milk intake with obesity and blood pressure; of obesity with psychiatric disorders; and of LDL cholesterol-lowering through targeting the PCSK9 enzyme on type 2 diabetes and related biomarkers. Ongoing methodological work relate to how assortative mating and dynastic effects can affect Mendelian randomization analysis; assessing and correcting for weak instrument bias in the two-sample setting; and causal effect estimation methods that require weaker assumptions regarding horizontal pleiotropy.