Hans van Kippersluis

hans-vkHans van Kippersluis is an Associate Professor in Health Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research interest is mainly in human capital formation: (i) how do different components of human capital (e.g., education, health) relate to each other and interact with each other (e.g., why are higher educated individuals healthier than lower educated? Why do rich people smoke less?) (ii) What are the genetic and environmental determinants of education and health? (iii) What is the effect of public policies on education and health?

He has used both theoretical and empirical approaches to tackle those questions. Theoretically he has developed life cycle models for human capital formation. Empirically he has extensively studied the causal effect of socioeconomic status (SES) on health outcomes and the reverse effect of health on SES.

Recently, he started to use genetic variants in his empirical analyses to study the interplay between genes and the environment in producing inequalities in education and health outcomes, and he has developed an approach to deal with pleiotropic effects of genes in Instrumental Variables analyses.