Hanieh Yaghootkar

Dr Hanieh Yaghootkar is a Diabetes UK RD Lawrence fellow at the University of Exeter Medical School. Her research aims to use genetics to understand the genetics of body fat distribution and its association with cardiometabolic diseases including type 2 diabetes.

Hanieh is interested in “favourable adiposity” and mechanisms that protect some obese people from developing Type 2 diabetes (publications in Diabetes, 2019, 2016 and 2014). She is leading genome-wide association studies of MRI scans of abdominal fat distribution to understand how certain genes influence the way we store fat and if they can protect people from developing Type 2 diabetes.

She is also using genetics to unravel the aetiology of cardiometabolic diseases and their links. She has been using different methods from Mendelian randomization studies to more sophisticated clustering analysis to find causal directions between biomarkers (such as body fat distribution, adiponectin, lipids etc) and risk of cardiometabolic diseases.