Marcus Munafò

Marcus MunafòMarcus Munafò is Professor of Biological Psychology at the University of Bristol. His research focuses on the neurobiological and genetic basis for tobacco and alcohol use, including smoking cessation, with two themes:

  • the laboratory study of neurobiological pathways involved in substance use
  • the large-scale longitudinal study of genetic influences on substance use and treatment response

Recently, his research has focused on the relationship between health behaviours and both physical and mental health outcomes, using instrumental variables (e.g., Mendelian randomization) and negative control methods to elucidate the causal nature of these relationships.

Marcus is also developing programmes of work investigating the role of emotion perception biases in mental health (and the therapeutic potential of modification of these biases), and the potential of choice architecture interventions to shape lifestyle behaviours (e.g., tobacco and alcohol use) and promote public health.