Nish Chaturvedi, Director MRC Unit for Lifelong Health & Ageing at UCL, is a professor of clinical epidemiology. She was appointed to a chair in the National Heart & Lung Institute at Imperial College London in 2000, and then to the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences at UCL in 2014.  Her research career includes leadership of international observational studies and clinical trials in understanding and mitigating the complications of diabetes. She leads the Southall and Brent Revisited (SABRE) tri-ethnic cohort, designed to study ethnic differences in risks and consequences of cardiometabolic disease. She was appointed director of the MRC Unit for Lifelong Health & Ageing at UCL in 2017. In 2020, she was asked to lead the Lifelong Health & Wellbeing Covid-19 National Core Study, uniting research using national anonymised electronic health records and population cohorts.

Photo of Nishi Chaturvedi
Nishi Chaturvedi

Frank Dudbridge is Professor of Statistical Genetics and Head of the Department of Population Health Sciences at the University of Leicester, having previously held academic appointments at the MRC Biostatistics Unit and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. His interests are in statistical methods for genetic epidemiology, in which he has contributed methods for haplotype analysis, genome-wide association studies, genetic risk prediction and Mendelian Randomization. His applied collaborations include cardiovascular, respiratory, cancer and psychiatric genetics.

Dr John Muriuki is a Research Fellow at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kenya. John’s current research interest is in understanding the complex relationship between micronutrient deficiencies and life-threatening severe infections in young African children. John is applying genomic approaches to determine causality and mechanisms.  

Photo of John Muriuki
John Muriuki

Zoltán Kutalik will be addressing the molecular traits theme. He is a statistical geneticist, associate professor at the University of Lausanne, heading the Statistical Genetics Group and honorary senior lecturer at the University of Exeter. His main research interest lies in developing statistical methods integrating various data modalities to better understand the genetic architecture of complex human diseases.  

Photo of Zoltan Kutalik
Zoltan Kutalik