Improving environmental sustainability of MR2024

Academic conferences contribute a large proportion of the carbon emissions of universities. Since the University of Bristol has pledged to a net carbon neutral campus by 2030, we have taken actions to reduce the environmental impact of this conference.

Some of the actions we take to reduce our environmental impact deliver the benefit of improving accessibility. Traditional conference attendance is elitist; it disregards financial inequalities in the global research community and the challenges of those with accessibility needs or caring responsibilities. Availability of recorded talks and captioned content can also assist comprehension.

Here are some of the actions that the organisers are taking to reduce the environmental impact of the conference.

  1. Sustainable venue. We have chosen a venue that fosters a positive environmental impact and guarantees no adverse effects on the planet.
  2. Catering. Our catering teams put sustainable food at the heart of the menu and we have chosen a 100% vegetarian/vegan menu. Food waste is recycled into gas fuel and fertiliser.
  3. Waste. We pledge to eliminate single use items, so will not supply delegate packs, goody bags or branded items. Our catering will use crockery and glasses. Waste that delegates bring to site can be recycled at the waste collection points.
  4. Travel. We aim to reduce delegate travel emissions by 50% through the virtual participation and hub participation options.
  5. Frequency. Holding fewer conferences and making them more valuable reduces the need to travel. We have moved from a biennial conference to an event every 3 years.
  6. Green delegate guide. Please read our Green Delegate Guide for local travel tips, advice on what to bring to the conference and learn how you can help make a difference.
  7. Collect data and feedback. We will collect some data from you during registration and use it to estimate the carbon emissions from conference travel. Your feedback will help us to make more sustainable events in the future.